MARITZ/GHYOOT   Die Eiendomsagenskapsbesigheid   R      30.00
 WRIGHT/PHILLIPS   Kleinsakebestuur   R        5.00
 BARRETT NEIL   Advertising on the internet   R      25.00
 BASSON/LOUW/STRYDOM   The employment of domestic workers   R      20.00
 BLACK PAM   Senior citizens' money-saver   R      15.00
 CAMPBELL/BONNER   Media, mania and the Markets   R        5.00
 CLARKE HG   How to run a furniture business at a profit   R      15.00
 DAVIDSON JAMES DALE   The plague of the black debt   R        1.00
 DAVIDSON JAMES DALE   The death of politics   R        5.00
 DRUCKER PETER   Managing in turbulent times   R        5.00
 DRUCKER PETER   The practice of management   R        5.00
 EDWARDS PAUL/SARAH   Working from home   R      50.00
 GIPSON JAMES   Winning the investment game   R      40.00
 HARMON/JACOBS   The vital difference   R      10.00
 HEYSTEK MAGNUS   World of money   R      10.00
 HILL NAPOLEON   Think and grow rich   R      10.00
 HORLIC NICOLA   Can you have it all?   R      20.00
 HORNER JOHN   Cataloguing   R      25.00
 JAY DAVID   The Essential Personnel Sourcebook   R      70.00
 KNOWLES ROGER   Zero debtors   R      49.00
 KOEKEMOER LUDI   Profit from Effective Advertising   R      20.00
 LA ROUCHE JANICE   Strategies for women at work   R        5.00
 NEWTON DEREK   Think like a man, act like a lady, work like a dog   R      30.00
 OXFORD   Managing sustainable development in SA - 2nd edition   R      50.00
 POSEL KARL   Investing in gold on the JSE   R        5.00
 SIDDIKI NASIR   Kingdom principles of financial increase   R      40.00
 SINCLAIR ROGER   Make the other half wank too   R      25.00
 SPRING MARTIN   Money book   R      20.00
 VAN GREUNEN J   Starting your own business   R      20.00
 VARIOUS AUTHORS   More small business opportunities   R      30.00
 VARIOUS AUTHORS   Ways to avoid tax legally   R      30.00
 WASSENAAR AD   Assault on private enterprise   R        5.00
 VARIOUS AUTHORS   Moving to e-business   R      40.00
 WRIGHT/PHILLIPS   Successful small business management in SA   R      20.00